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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

Thai Therapy

Thai Therapy is a unique blend of assisted yoga, passive stretching and pressing massage movements. It’s a little bit like yoga without doing the work, as the therapist moves and stretches you in a sequence of postures. Thai massage aligns the energies of the body

Rs. 2800 / 60 mins

Swedish Therapy

Swedish Therapy use lotion or oil. Massage therapists typically begin with broad general strokes and then transition to specific strokes to address problem areas. Swedish Therapy is gentle and relaxing. Long smooth strokes, kneading, circular movements and friction techniques are used on the more superficial layers of muscles and over the body.

Rs. 2800 / 60 mins

Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy uses one or more essential oils for their specific qualities and matched to alleviate particular problem. Aroma Therapy is for relaxation and stress-reduction. Oil Massaged into the skin, the properties of the oils are effective in treating a variety of conditions and the scents diffuse the atmosphere and are inhaled.

Rs. 3000 / 60 mins

Deep Tissue

A massage that promises instant relief with its intensity and strong strokes to relieve underlying muscle tension and pain and provide deep relaxation.

Rs. 2200 / 30 mins

Balinese Therapy

Balinese Therapy is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment. Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy around your body and bring a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.

Rs. 3000 / 60 mins

Turkish Therapy

Turkish bath is a hot steam hydro-therapy treatment which has a miraculous effect on both the mental and physical state of human body. Everyone able to enjoy its benefits to the full with this therapy. A Turkish bath is the perfect remedy for stress and the uncomfortable physiological reactions. It can provoke thanks to the soothing and all-round relaxing effect on both body and mind

Rs. 4000 / 60 mins

Chocolate / Cream Therapy

Chocolate Therapy or Cream Therapy treatments include basic massages with a cocoa-based cream or oil, hot oil rubs, chocolate waxes and facials. Chocolate’s high caffeine content stimulates your circulation, allowing your blood to naturally rejuvenate and heal your skin.

Rs. 3000 / 60 mins

Scrubbed Therapy

A body scrub is a popular body treatment that is basically a facial for the body. It exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. A body scrub is done with an abrasive material mixed with essential oil cream rubbed vigorously and massaged across and into your skin and is then rinsed away to reveal a moisturised layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin.

Rs. 2800 / 60 mins

Signature Therapy

Signature Massage is our speciality massage and most recommended service. Combines the therapies of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Cream / Oil massage for a customized therapy session. Our trained massage therapist use fingers, thumbs, fist, elbows and forearms to help penetrate the tight areas of the body. Therapeutic pressure will be given strong or very deep based on the needs of each area of the body along with targeted stretching therefore loosens tight muscles and joints.

Rs. 4000 / 60 mins

Cinnamon Radiance Scrub

We truly understand importance of Cinnamon – not only in food but also for skin. Try our Cinnamon Scrub which has warmth and edge around it to tingle your skin and opening the pores for better penetration of oil

Rs. 2200 / 30 mins

Hawaiian Chocolate scrub

Sensuous rich chololate mixed with Oil helps to get rid of dead skin and give the youthful and sensuous look. Hawaiian Chocolate scrub is a memorable end to outdoor holiday to detan the skin

Rs. 2200 / 30 mins

Sandalwood Turmeric Scrub

Goodness of kitchen herbs – Sandalwood and Turmeric combined in this scrub for deep exfoliation and protective skin cover this scrub is a must try

Rs. 2200 / 30 mins

Foot Reflexology

Every part of the body is connected to the soles of the feet by nerve pathways and subtle energy channels. By massaging the foot, these connections are stimulated brings soothing relief to the corresponding body part, whether the sinuses, back and neck, lungs, stomach, shoulder, hip or other areas of stiffness or pain

Rs. 900 / 30 mins

Back & Body

Lot of stress is linkled to the physical fatigue which could be due to exertion, travelling or sedentary lifestyl. Back and Body therapy through its potli massage addresses aching back, neck and shoulder. Preceding Deep Tissue oil massage help as an icing on cake with reawakening of dulled senses

Rs. 3200 / 60 mins

Neck & Shoulder Therapy

Dry therapy for people with stiff neck & shoulder caused due to their endeavor to impress their boss or late nights to clinch multi million dollar deal or for those lazying around in wrong posture

Rs. 900 / 30 mins

Head Therapy

This ancient experience relaxes tones and eases muscle tension in neck, head, scalp and shoulders. It also aids in the elimination of the toxins by stimulating circulation, creating a positive energy flow through the chakras, leaving you in a state of tranquillity and peace

Rs. 900 / 30 mins


Shirodhara means continious pouring of medicated herbal oil on the center of the forehead of what is called the third eye. Considered the seat of intuition according to hindu mythology, the release of energy flow to this area reduces stress, increase concentration and sharpens the mind.

Rs. 3200 / 45 mins

Potli (Kizhi) Therapy

Potli means cloth bag. During this massage, medicinal boluses contained in a potli are externally applied on the affected body part. It helps balance body dosha (espvata) – thus helps problems like backaches, sciatica, arthritic problems & different muscular pains. Depending on individual requirement, Navara Kizhi, PodiKizhi, Ela Kizhi is done

Rs. 3200 / 60 mins


Abhyangam translate to mean exercise. It is most popular Ayurvedic full body massage for general relaxation and detox. Abhyangam improves physical consistency, sleep patterns, liquefy toxins and induces relaxation while eliminating impurities.

Rs. 2750 / 30 mins

Shirodhara with Abhyangam

Head to Toe Oil Massage followed by Shirodhara therapy. We employ powerful herbs infused milk, decoctions & oils to calm your nervous system, mollify the brain muscles and rejuvenate your brain. Ideal for Relaxation, Stress Relief, Depression, Migraine & Hair Fall.

Rs. 4700 / 90 mins

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Fusion Ayurvedic therapy for customer comfort and treatment

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Range of Ayurvedic therapies for Pain Relief & Destress

Clients Testimonial

My experience at Red Orchid spa at Gurgaon is undoubtedly one of the best i have ever had. I took the deep tissue massage for 90 minutes and my therapist seemed very experienced and eased out all my sore muscles. My tense body now feels so relaxed and rejuvenated. Therapist was very well trained and knew exactly which points to work on. I was having a lot of pain in my back and shoulder and felt great amount of relief after my massage. I am absolutely hooked onto this spa and definitely recommend it to everyone.

Anjali Sharma

I have had a lot of massages but no one has ever found every single thing wrong with my body and worked on them all. Best shoulder massage I’ve ever had at Red Coral Spa in Mahipalpur Delhi. I will be coming back as often as I can! Manager at reception was also incredible. Love this place!!

Katy K

It is beyond doubt the best spa in Chandigarh. They have a professional team of masseuses and masseurs who make sure their customers get relaxing massage sessions to rejuvenate themselves.

Archana Mehta

From the moment you walk through the door, you know this place is special with its calming and peaceful vibe. We were three friends and this was one of our favorite experiences. Each of us thought our massage was exactly what we needed and asked for. I must recommend Red Orchid Spa at Mumbai highly enough. Just go—you deserve it and you won’t regret it.

Yardhan Malhotra

My friend and I booked massages and foot soaks to celebrate her birthday and red Orchid Spa at Amritsar was fabulous! Jenny and her staff made this a heavenly, relaxing experience! Highly recommend! Best Spa in Amritsar

Varsha Joshi

After touring India for 10 days, I was in desperate need of a massage. Red Orchid Spa at Mahipalpur Delhi had very well behaved & professional staff. My therapist was experienced and eased my tensed muscles. Thank you !

Sandeep Singh

Thank you so much. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Red Orchid Spa in Noida and our spa day was amazing. Nancy was very intuitive and my massage was one of the best massages I have ever had. 

Feeling grateful…

Aren Tong

I had been to Swedish Thai Spa at Karol Bagh Delhi couple of time.The therapist are very knowledgeable, they have a policy of attending only one client at a time, I had a great time at Swedish Thai spa.

Sourabh Sharma

Amazing place to relax after long working hours. Therapist are very knowledgeable and understand what would be the best treatment to suggest. Signature treatment was amazing at Red Orchid Spa Bathinda and had wonderful treatment by Sanaya. Good team work and best service keep it up.

Rakesh Jain

I am regular member of Red Orchid spa and Red Coral spa in Ludhiana. What I most like here is the ambience, behavior, well trained therapist and the best class therapy. Visited other spa in Ludhiana but I must say the Red Orchid Spa and Red Coral spa is the best spa in Ludhiana.

Subham Gandhi

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